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To sell and to identify Leads or Customers we are in that position to Warehouse over 170m+ qualified records from all over Europe. Lay back and we tell you something about your customer...

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Convert Your Leads into Customers

We have 170m+ records from all over Europe - in compliance with the customer in our Wahrehouse

Mobile Devices

How it works?

We are professionals in convert those quantity of records into a high quality record. Every single sign on is after qualified with our real-time database.
For every Company worldwide marketing is a very expensive and sometimes non-affordable thing.
We say No! We offer affordable solutions! Just ask und let us know what you need!


Mobile Marketing

We meet the customer in the jacket pocket! Do you want to know why? Ask for more...


Classic Marketing

Some Customers would love and appreciate the classic act of purchase and designation. We can help


Security & Privacy

All our records are held highly secured and are generated according in compliance to their respective countries.


Charge your Records!

Load your Marketing and charge your records today! You´ll never had such an easy sales pitch!


Quick and fast

From real-time to huge ammount of data - everything will delivered fast or soon.


Multi - Format Delivery

We deliver in many formats you need for your database incl. sql. Just ask if your recordset is possible.

Amazing Data Review

Big Data is amazing and we love it! Our employees have more than 50 years expierience in finding, extract, generate and enrich Customer Data like purchase behaviors or affinity to buy something like a cat litter pan, cause we know he or she has a cat ;-). But watch out: we never give you for e. g. 1.000 new customers wich have a cat. You give us your Data, we compare and send back!

  • 170m+ Data records all over Europe and some Asia
  • A lot of Attributes to select from
  • Delivery within 48h possible (surcharge)
  • real-time requests possible for identiy verification
  • and much more you will like!

Don´t worry about our Service, because we never tell our customers your data. Our Customers already know you and just ask us if you would buy something special like a cat litter box :-)! We always protect and secure your record in highly secured data center in Europe.

our Policies

Every single record we are allowed from you or by law to store. If you don´t want us to enrich or confirm your identiy pls. write to - we send you an email with the procedure to delete your record!

The most popular Countries we provide is Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Turkey, Belgium and Denmark. These are only the most valueable products in our portfolio. We always have every country for you! Just Ask :-)

After contracting you deliver your Data secured to our system. After a pre-check we will compare your records with our records. Only the results will delivered back!